Performance in all Colors and all Levels



DAY 1, 14/08:

Epreuve Day 1: 15 Aout 2015     Epreuve Day 2: 16 Aout 2015    
S1 O53 Weanling Fillies Open Aphc     Showmanship Amateur DEA
S2 O54 Halter yearling Fillies Open Aphc     Showmanship Open DEA
S3 O55 Halter two-Year old Mares Open Aphc D1 Y110 Showmanship at Halter 18 & under Aphc
S4 O56 Halter three-year old Mares Open Aphc D2 N310 Showmanship at Halter 19 & over Aphc
S5 N510 Halter Mares all ages NP Aphc D3 O30 Weanling Colts Open Aphc
S6 O57 Halter Aged Mare Open Aphc D4 O31 Halter yearling Colts Open Aphc
S7 O58 Broodmares Aphc D5 O32 Halter two-Year old Stalions Open Aphc
S8 O90 Get of Sire Aphc D6 O33 Halter three-year old Stalions Open Aphc
S9 O92 Produce of a Dam Aphc D7 N500 Halter Stalions  all ages NP Aphc
S10 O73 Weanling Geldings Open Aphc D8 O34 Halter Aged Stalions  Open Aphc
S11 O74 Halter yearling Geldings Open Aphc D9 O22 Hunter in hand Mares Open Aphc
S12 O75 Halter two-Year old Geldings Open Aphc D10 O23 Hunter in hand Geldings Open Aphc
S13 O76 Halter three-year old Geldings Open Aphc D11 O21 Hunter in hand Stallions Open Aphc
S14 N520 Halter Geldings all ages NP Aphc D12 O428 Yearling longe-line Open Aphc
S15 O77 Halter Aged Geldings Open Aphc D13 N530 Yearling Longe-Line Non-Pro Aphc
S16 N540 Most Colorfull at Halter Non-Pro Aphc D14   JACKPOT SHOWMANSHIP All breed
S17 O86 Most Colorfull at Halter Open Aphc D15   MASTER HALTER All breed
    Showmanship Novice DEA     Trail Novice DEA
    Showmanship Youth DEA     Trail Youth DEA
S18 N319 Showmanship Novice Non-Pro Aphc     Trail Rookie DEA
    Showmanship Rookie DEA D16 O427 Western Pleasure 3 years old snaffle Bit Aphc
    Showmanship Junior Horse DEA D17 Y340 Western Pleasure 18 & under Aphc
    Reining Novice DEA D18 N330 Western Pleasure 19 & over Aphc
    Reining Youth DEA     Western Pleasure Junior Horse DEA
    Reining Rookie DEA     Western Pleasure  Amateur DEA
S19   Jackpot Hunter under Saddle All Breed D19 O343 Reining Hackamore/Snaffle Bit Aphc
    Horsemanship Novice DEA D20 N370 Reining 19 & over Non Pro Aphc
    Horsemanship Youth DEA D21 O342 Reining Senior Open Aphc
    Horsemanship Rookie DEA     Western Pleasure  Open DEA
S20 Y140 Western Horsemanship 18 & under Aphc     Reining Open DEA
S21 N320 Western Horsemanship 19 & over Aphc D22 Y320 Hunter under saddle 18 & under Aphc
S22   Walk-Trot (5-10) Western Pleasure All Breed D23 O441 Hunter under saddle Junior Open Aphc
S23   Lead Line All Breed D24 N120 Hunter under saddle 19 & over Aphc
S24   JACKPOT HORSEMANSHIP All Breed D25 O442 Hunter under saddle Senior Open Aphc
S25 O381 Trail Junior Open Aphc D26 Y380 Hunter Hack 18 & under Aphc
S26 Y290 Trail 18 & under Aphc D27 N159 Hunter Hack Novice Non Pro Aphc
S27 N350 Trail  19 & over Aphc D28 O400 Hunter hack all ages open Aphc
S28 O382 Trail Senior Open Aphc     Horsemanship Junior Horse DEA
    Trail Junior Horse DEA     Horsemanship Amateur DEA
    Trail Amateur DEA     Horseemanship Open DEA
    Trail Open DEA D29   MASTER WESTERN PLEASURE All breed
S29   JACKPOT TRAIL All breed        
    Western Pleasure Novice DEA        
S30 O421 Western Pleasure Junior Aphc        
    Western Pleasure Youth DEA        
    Western Pleasure  Rookie DEA        
S31 O422 Western Pleasure Senior Aphc        
S32 O360 Western riding all Ages Open Aphc        
S33 Y270 Western riding 18 & Under Aphc        
S34 N340 Western riding 19 and Over Aphc        
    Reining Amateur DEA        
    Reining Rookie DEA        
S35 Y190 Reining 18 & under Aphc        
S36 O341 Reining Junior Open Aphc        
S37   MASTER REINING All Breed        


N.B: The BA may take the decision to modify the program until one day before the show


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