Performance in all Colors and all Levels
Identifaction form: (NL & FR)
What needs to be done to achieve a breedpaspoort?
1 - Member of the Belgian association Appaloosa during the year you request ( € 50 ) .
2 - A good copy (in color) on both sides of the ApHC certificate of the horse.
3 - The papers should be in the name of the applicant.
4 - At the same time you must send us the identification form (see above) of the horse. Do not send it directly to the confederation of the horse 'cause they will send it back to us, and you will only lose time.
5 - Also , there is still € 10 to be paid at the same time with the membership fee . This is a cost for the passport itself .
6 - When all is in order, you will receive a payment form of confederation.
7 - If you already own a raspaspoort from abroad , you do not have to pay € 10 more, but you must send copies of all important pages of your passport .
This step is required to comply with the law in order.
8 - All these points have to be in order to obtain a raspaspoort . If these points are not in order after three months after the application , then no raspaspoort will be delivered only one equipas ( passport for horses without pedigree ) . We note that in some countries, horses are not allowed to participate in competitions. Raspaspoort without